Installing CoWarp in Cocoon is very easy, just drop the CoWarp jar file into Cocoon (WEB-INF/lib) and that's it.

The first task you have to do is to configure CoWarp's application manager in the cocoon.xconf. Add the following XML to the cocoon.xconf (for 2.1.x) or create a new cowarp.xconf file and put it into the WEB-INF/xconf directory (for 2.2):

  <!-- CoWarp's application manager: -->
  <component role="org.osoco.cowarp.ApplicationManager" 

Sitemap Components

Cowarp comes with several sitemap components that are very useful. If you want to use them add the following actions to the sitemap where you want to use Cowarp - the best place is to add them to the root sitemap where most actions are defined:

      <map:action name="cowarp-is-logged-in"
      <map:action name="cowarp-login"
      <map:action name="cowarp-logout"